Indian guests view of acrobatic show in chaoyang theatre



This turned out to be one of most unlikely highlights of our trips to China. We've seen some pretty skilled acrobatics in India and over the world but what we saw at the Chaoyang Theater was beyond anything we'd expected or could even imagine. They were so daring... even too risky, really, that we forgot to breathe at least half a dozen times. And there were a couple of occasions when I just shut my eyes because I couldn't bear the tension any more. The acrobats' skills defied imagination and even physics, it seemed to me. A must-watch to see how far the human body-brain connection can go.




Chinese Acrobatic Show beijing






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Send a email booking, confirm in 30 mins.


Show Time: Daily(3 shows),


Second 17:30--18:30pm

Third: 19:00--20:00pm


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Good Location
100 meters from Hujialou Stop exit C.

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  • No.36, Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Chaoyang Theatre is located on the east 3rd Ring road, nearby the Hujialou subway station.


You could simply getting there by taxi, it's about RMB 25 form downtown.


you may also go there conveniently by subway, it's flat fare is RMB 3-7. take the line 10, and get off the Hujialou stop exit C1,( Or take the line 6, and get off the Hujialou stop exit C ) ,then turn to the left(south) 30 meters.