Distinctives of Chinese Acrobatics



Flexibility and balance: Chinese acrobats tend to emphasize balance and extreme flexibility more than the troupes do in Russia or the West. This might be due to the influence of martial arts styles that emphasize developing fine flexibility and balance.


Group coordination: Chinese acrobats intensively practice timing and coordination. The individual performers practice to cooperate precisely.


Martial arts for amusement: They use martial arts skills in a thrilling and sometimes comedic fashion. The Beijing Red Theater's "Legend of Kungfu" show is an example.


Chinese music and theater: Many of the shows will have traditional Chinese music that is recorded or performed live by musicians playing traditional instruments. The costumes or the themes may be drawn from a familiar opera.

Chinese stories: The acrobats may perform scenes from popular legends, stories, or novels of the ancient past such as The Monkey King. You might not recognize the story or the music, but you'll still enjoy the sound, color, and unusual costumes.





Chinese Acrobatic Show beijing






Hotline:135 2141 7304


WhatChat or WeChat:135 2141 7304

Email beijingshow@outlook.com


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Send a email booking, confirm in 30 mins.


Show Time: Daily(3 shows),


Second 17:30--18:30pm

Third: 19:00--20:00pm


Payment via PayPal & credit card are accepted, NO PayPal account needed. WeChat or Alipay recommended.

Good Location
100 meters from Hujialou Stop exit C.

Discount Tickets
Need to make reservation in advance.



  • No.36, Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Chaoyang Theatre is located on the east 3rd Ring road, nearby the Hujialou subway station.


You could simply getting there by taxi, it's about RMB 25 form downtown.


you may also go there conveniently by subway, it's flat fare is RMB 3-7. take the line 10, and get off the Hujialou stop exit C1,( Or take the line 6, and get off the Hujialou stop exit C ) ,then turn to the left(south) 30 meters.